Starting and Managing a School-based Enterprise

Are you planning on starting a School-based Enterprise? Are you presently operating a School-based Enterprise? We have some good news for you! National DECA is in the process of developing an operational guide for Starting and Managing a School-based Enterprise, to be online in the Fall of 2000. As is the case with a new or expanded SBE, it is imperative to "test the waters" before you jump. Start up information will include such topics as Creating a Business Plan, Guidelines for Conveyancing your Financial Forms, Types of Financial Forms, Business Plan Vocabulary and a lot more. We have included a brief outline below. Operational Guide will include more detail on all the things you need to know to start and operate your School-based Enterprise.

  • Creating a Business Plan
    • Business Description
    • Products and Services
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Operating Requirements
    • Financial Management
  • Guidelines for Preparing Financial Forms
    • The imperatives for preparing your forms
  • Types of Financial Forms
    • The most important forms for the financial portion of your business plan
  • Business Plan Vocabulary
    • Words such as Income, Cost of Goods, Gross profit Margin, Depreciation, etc.
For More Information on DECA's Operational Guide for Starting and Managing a School-based EnterpriseOperational Guide contact Tim Coffey or Sissy Long.
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